Our strategy

Our market vision

Internet of (every)thing is is not a new concept but the islands and silos of connected devices are now being interconnected. It is the new revolution.

With the exponential growth of connected objects, the boundaries of IT do not exist anymore and intelligence is now everywhere, creating an unprecedented volume of information.

For us business digitization is all about how to produce, manage, secure and utilize all this information in a scalabe and efficient way, always remembering that the user is at the center.

Enabling, producing and consuming information is the oil of the future and this will make business digitization concept a reality.

Our strategic focus


Our core strategic principles are the following:

  • There will be no business digitization without user and identity centric security controls and continuous compliance, diagnostics and remediation capabilities.
  • There will be no business digitization without connected intelligence and managed analytics for all IP based devices.
  • There will be no business digitization without cloud and managed services combining the excellence of leading solution providers and the market knowledge of regional service providers.

Our focus is to shape cloud based, IP based, business and user centric, solution framework delivered by regional managed services providers.

Our added value

Information Technology is changing at a fast pace and the role of IT distributors is changing as well.


We do not believe in the traditional role of an IT distributor only reselling hardware, software or services.


Avantgardist is a catalyst for business digitization aggregating the best security and intelligence cloud and managed services, adapting them to the specific needs of the GCC market and accelerating their go to market by partnering with the largest and most efficient managed service providers in the region.

Our regional focus

We team up and partner with the largest and most advanced managed service providers and system integrators in the region, covering the following countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrein, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt.


Our conviction is that GCC countries economy and market have a lot of synergies and common requirements, our approach is to develop an adapted solution framework delivered as regional managed and cloud services leveraging the most innovative and efficient technologies.

Our solution framework

Driving business digitization, driving user centric secured and connected intteligence means delivering a solution framework focusing on three main capabilities:

1- Managing data and information

2- Managind user identity and access

3- Managing assets and devices


And deliver the above with strong compliance management, as regionally managed services with the ability to address all IP based devices.

Managing data and information


- Big data

- Smart (IOT) applications

- Managed analytics

- Social enteprise

- Digital signature

Managing user identity and access


- Identity governance management

- Privileged identity management

- Mandatory access control

- Auditing and analytics

- Digital rights management

Managing assets and devices


- Device and asset hardening and testing

- Device and asset authentication

- Vulnerability management

- Continuous remediation