a'vant-gard'ist n.

Member of a group that creates or promote innovative ideas or techniques in a given field.

Our field of excellence is digital transformation through continuous compliance and security.

Our role is to promote innovative solutions delivering secured and connected intelligence to the GCC market.

Our ambition is to partner with tomorrow leaders to accelerate the business digitization of the GCC economy.

Message from our chairman

“With a technology-savvy population and a very dynamic economy free of complex legacy IT environments, the GCC market is ready to embrace its digital transformation.


The exponentially increasing number of digital devices, the rise of the internet of (every)thing, the more and more pervasive industry boundaries bring GCC leaders to rethink their enterprises and business models.


The Information Technology providers do not sell anymore solutions or services, they sell outcomes. The business decision makers do not want anymore efficiency or value only, they also expect intelligence.


Our unique aim at Avantgardist is to think forward and team up with the best solution providers, managed service providers and system integrators to deliver secured and connected intelligence to the regional market”